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I am a certified retired teacher with a B.S. in Elementary Education, a M.Ed. in Special Education, and an Ed.D. in Instructional Technology and Distance Education with 43 years of teaching experience in public schools. I have taught preschool, 1st grade, 4th grade, middle school and high school. My ESE teaching has been with EMH, ADHD, SLD, and Autistic students. I have been a staff development coach, media specialist, ESE specialist, and a technology specialist. In addition, I have taught as an adjunct professor for Nova Southeastern University in their graduate education program.

I have been trained to become a Play Attention Certified Provider by Peter and Gwen Freer, the inventor and educational director of Play Attention at their corporate office in Asheville, North Carolina. In addition, I have been trained in administering and evaluating the FOCUS Assessment used to determine executive function weaknesses and strengths, which are used to develop individualized programs for clients.

The MindSoars Achievement Center opened originally in 2014 in Apopka, FL. and offers personalized One-on-One Lessons utilizing the Play Attention technology (, coaching, tutoring and other Internet/programming technology.  Play Attention can help all students and adults of all ages to learn to pay attention to increase achievement in targeted areas of study, organization, memory, sports, and everyday life skills. It can help people with brain injury, age related memory issues, ADHD, and behavioral issues.

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